Slab Tongs

Motorized Slab Tongs

slab tong motorized; motorisierte Brammenzange

Our motorized scissors-type slab tongs are designed to lift selectively one or multiple slabs. The tongs allow pre-positioning of the lifting legs by means of an electrically operated heavy duty rope-hoist which basically reduces side clearance or aisle requirements as well as operation cycle time to a minimum.

Mechanical Slab Tongs

slab tong mechanical; Brammenzange

Our scissors-type, automatic (fully mechanical) slab tongs are designed to lift single slabs without the need of any electrical connection. This kind of slab tong can optionally be equipped with set-down stools (mechanical or motorized) in order to allow transportation of multiple slabs.


Hydraulic Slab Tongs

slab tong hydraulic, hydraulische Brammenzange

Our hydraulic slab tongs are designed to handle single slabs or slab stacks in the horizontal or flat position in low headroom installations. Gripping force is exerted by hydraulic power pack/cylinders.