Mecana NT

The surface quality is a decisive factor in production of special alloy steel used for bearings, springs, wires for tyres, crank shafts or die-forgings specifically for the car industry.
A reliable and sophisticated surface crack detection system has to be implemented to successfully detect and classify the defects on a billet.
Based on the proven Mecana dry flux technology, BUCK has further developed the system. A high-performance Optical Fault Registration System scans the billet surface and detects and classifies the cracks.
This data is used for a detailed report of the surface quality, the systematic collection of defects data to improve the upstream rolling and/or casting processes and to provide the coordinate data for the partial grinding of the defects.



By developing the BUCK Mecana NT billet surface crack detection system, a breakthrough has been achieved overcoming the difficulties associated with earlier technologies.
The system is the world's first 100% software-based solution for reliable surface crack detection and removal with a billet temperature from -10°C up to 500°C and a crack orientation that can be longitudinal and transversal.