Optical Fault Registration

OFRS: Actual picture of crack indication

process cycle crack indication

Actual picture of a crack indication on a billet face with cracks in transversal direction. The special process powder and the customized filters on the flashes and cameras make the crack indications distinguishable very clearly from the dark billet surface.
Identifiable is also the ‘starry sky’ on the billet surface.


OFRS: Actual picture of a result screen

process cycle side b

Actual picture of a result screen of one billet face section. On the upper picture, the analysis results are shown. Each crack is displayed in a different color. On the lower picture, the actual recorded billet picture is displayed. Relevant billet data coming from the material tracking system as well as individual crack coordinates and respective lengths are presented. Those results can now be used to either grind the cracks with manual grinders or human-controlled HP grinding machines. Or the crack coordinate data can be sent to fully automatic HP grinding machines or industrial robots for automatic grinding of the cracks.