Process Performance

General Billet Data

      • Round and round corner square billets, dry and shot blasted
      • Rolled and continuous cast billets
      • Square cross section: 50…250mm *
      • Length range: 5…14m *
      • Temperature: max. 500°C
      • Magnetizable material

* other processable formats available on request

Detection Probability

Longitudinal Crack Length ≥5 mm

 Crack Depth  Detection
 0.20 mm  80%
 0.25 mm  90%
 0.30 mm  95%
 ≥0.35 mm  100%


Corner Crack Length ≥3 mm

 Crack Depth  Detection
 0.20 mm  80%
 0.25 mm  90%
 0.30 mm  95%
 ≥0.35 mm  100%

Throughput Example

Example Billet 150x150 mm cross section with a length of 10 m.

  • 189.4 tons of material can be tested in every hour
  • 111 billets can be tested each hour
  • 32.5 sec cycle time from one billet to the next


Not included in the above data is the availability of other equipment in the plant, nor any down time for maintenance etc.

Throughput Chart

troughput table


Crack Detection Probability Chart

Detection Probability for Rolled Billets:

  • Shot blasted, clean and dry billet.
  • Crack orientation usually within ±30° of longitudinal orientation.
  • Transversal detection feature may be left out.
  • If transversal cracks are present, the same recognition probability applies

process performance detection probability